Testimonial 5

I have been attending online yoga sessions conducted by Ms. Jyothi Nair since last couple of
years and it has given me immense benefits. The session has a number of asanas that are
seamlessly explained, demonstrated and then done by the students under her eagle-eyed
supervision. The explanation is simple, lucid and very informative and I have learnt so much
about how each asana impacts which muscle group and contributes to our overall health and
wellbeing. Jyothi has the ability to understand the unique needs & the capability of every student in the
class – since I am 58 years of age, she will tell me exactly how much to exert in a particular
asana/exercise or give me an alternative exercise or step taking into account my age. It was a
very refreshing and relaxing being in her class.

Sagar Narsian

Strategy Consultant, Educator & Mentor