How the Journey began

About The Founder

Light and Yoga has been founded by Jyothi Nair, who has extensive experience in teaching traditional Yoga to people of varied age groups, in both offline and online modes.

Jyothi holds a Master’s degree (M.A.) in Yog Shastra and is a certified Yoga teacher from the reputed Yoga Vidya Niketan, based in Navi Mumbai.  She is also certified in Naturopathy as she believes in the power of natural products to help nurture and heal the body and mind. 

Jyothi has trained hundreds of students over the last several years in both online and offline mode.  Her personal journey has emanated from the health issues that she faced in life, which led her to seek for solutions beyond those that traditional western medicines offered, which did not provide any long-term solutions.

Know From The Founder

Jyothi's Journey - In her Words

My own journey with Yoga started around 2011 when I returned to Mumbai from Delhi and was facing severe health issues. I had severe sleep apnea which led to a lot of fatigue during the day time due to lack of sleep. Other major issues were claustrophobia, with fear of suffocation in closed areas and crowded places and joint pains due to early stages of osteoporosis, due to low bone density.

I tried all types of treatment including allopathy, homeopathy and ayurveda with not much sustainable results. That is when I turned to Yoga as an alternative method for Body-Mind-Soul healing. I not only did the Teachers training Course (TTC) and Naturopathy courses from the Yoga Vidya Niketan, Navi Mumbai, but also started teaching yoga to people from different walks of life.

I noticed a gradual but major transformation in my health due to Yoga, leading to a very significant improvement in the quality of my life. My sleep apnea almost disappeared, and my claustrophobia has reduced significantly. My bone density has increased significantly and has led to a much higher level of fitness and flexibility, almost no weakness or pain. I today enjoy much higher levels of energy, fitness and an overall sense of well-being.

It is this experience that prompted me to start teaching Yoga so that more and more people from all walks of life could benefit from the time tested and proven techniques of Yogic science.